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will talk about the interested step. this is reference to the southeast corner and border area of san mateo county where it meets san francisco. in this area there are multiple large development projects being proposed which collectively add of to an amount of new growth and a collection of formal industrial sites to a very vibrant new neighborhood. because the area is a lot vacate and formally industrial area the transportation system is lacking. the two questions that the county study has focused on are one, what are those major transportation investments that are needed to support this square and 2, how do we share the cost among all the partners involved and how do we implement these projects. there are studies on the san francisco side as well as the san mateo county. there are also private developers looking to develop these sites and of course the over all community. so the study included ways to incorporate input from each of these stake holders groups throughout the process. we didn't start from scratch. there are a number of transportation i am improvements that had been proposed
in the distance. showers are expected tomorrow -- mainly near the san mateo coastline. i'm in the weather center with kron4's jacqueline bennet. she's been tracking the weather. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: it will be along the south bay. that is clearing notice on the corner of your screen. it is pressing along the coast and even that continuing a self or progression. these wrap around showers along the coast and the south-bay. here the san mateo coast. as for the temperatures? chile. we will have more 30's and 40's for tonight. we will talk more about their re in the ad that temperatures, coming up. >> pam: new at eleven tonight. help is on the way for an east palo alto creek. which is prone to flooding. governor jerry brown has signed a state of emergency proclamation for san mateo county. in particular, san francis-quito creek. it runs along highway 101. last december's storms caused millions of dollars in damage to the creek. the levees were breached -- flooding several homes and businesses. and, as you can see, lanes along highway 101 were also shutdown for several hours, as the water covere
. >> then, this is a bicounty transportation study. is there any approval that san mateo county is providing there? >> our agreement is that this study is essentially being co-led by the two management agencies, the authority here in san francisco and the agency called the city county association of government of san mateo county. >> okay. thank you. >> i just had a question about a potentially controversial issue on the bay shore cal trans station on the san mateo county side and different efforts to look into moving it into san francisco side north and can you talk about that issue? >> sure. so the topic you are talking about is the idea to move that bay short cal trans station north from where it is now into san francisco? and we understand that that is an idea that has been put out there. it has been made pretty clear to us that it's not necessarily and idea that would benefit them and for efforts that are jointly funded and efforts that are looking to what are joint benefits to both counties, we would look at ideas that would jointly benefit the counties. while we understand that that
head and that is distracting. hopefully that is not the case for the morning drive. the san mateo bridge, fog free, visibility is good and the tail lights headed westbound on the flat section and everything is moving nicely and very, very light conditions on the bay bridge right new with an early state of the stall eastbound, and otherwise, just road work and we will look at your eastbound out of the central valley, and maybe we will not look at it...there we go. the maps are slow to move this monday morning. eastbound 580 from greenville to north flynn until 11:00. highway 4 out of the antioch area, right now it is moving at the limit and looking good all the way through to pittsburg and concord. >> thank you, sue. next, san francisco's explores' exploratory on the move. >> a reversal at the pump, how much less you can expect to pay if you have to fill your gas tank this morning. >> now this morning's tech bytes. >> catching up on marvel comics. the publisher is part of disney is making 700 of the number one issues available online, free, until tuesday. a new video game has been
bay to the shoreline, really impaired with zero vitessessibility at half moon bay so san mateo coast is one of the roughest spots and the north bay with quarter-mile visibility at novato and six miles at san carlos airport. napa is not too bad but we have fog in oakland. you can see on this shot, we are in the mid-40's to the mid-50's around the bay. this afternoon you will not need the jacket, we are warming up quickly by noon and 60's at the coast and upper 60's with the fog dissipating this afternoon and mostly sunny and upper 60's to the mid-and-upper 70's. enjoy it because look what happens tomorrow, scattered showers possible and thunderstorm on sunday but it is all over by monday. >> as we take you over to oakland, we have construction with the cones to be picked up shortly. northbound 880 between 66 and high street we had a few lanes blocked, but, again, the cones should be picked up and traffic is moving okay in that area. i will take you outside. here is a look at your san mateo bridge making the drive away from hayward, and it will be clear conditions out this with a few e
of the county of san mateo and the board of supervisors of the county of san francisco merely have to pass a resolution in support of having the gun show here. >> now we have video from previous gun show here at cow palace. supporters of the bill say it would turn power over the decision on gun shows to local leaders, who can then take a pulse of their community. it would require the county board of supervisors in both san mateo and san francisco counties to pass resolutions supporting gun shows here if they want them. highly unlikely, both boards of supervisors have voted in the past to ban gun shows community leaders said gun shows like these pump guns into the surrounding communities where they are used to commit violent acts. the supporters say they are legal and that banning gun shows for legitimate gun buyers would drive them to the black market. we spoke with one owner who told me, if his intent is for people to met behind closed doors behind smoke filled bars to buy them on a black market then his proposal is a step in the right direction. the senate bill is set to be considered t
to alert you to. all is well coming from all three of the approaches. >> san mateo bridge looking the the drive 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge no accidents as you work your way out of marin county. james. >> thank you erica. >> san francisco police are investigating the death of a man who was found in an elevator shaft at the montgomery bart station. it happened last night around 930. police responded to a called a person stuck in an elevator at the bart station. authorities managed to get that man out when they discovered another body in the shaft. it is unclear how the man got into the elevator shaft or how long he had been there. police foubelieve he could have been sleeping on top of the elevator when he was closed. we will have a live report coming of the 430. >> a shooting has oakland police turning to the public for help. the parties are working on tracking down the suspect shot and killed a san francisco man early yesterday morning. kron fours scott rates walked us through what happened. >> i am told the shooting have been a block away from the o
rosa, our beaches and along san francisco the san mateo coast we are looking at very foggy conditions, the san carlos airports at quarter-mile visibility so it will continue to creep to the east and not making it into our inland valleys. we have a beautiful day on the way with temperatures climbing through the 60's and the warm of the day we have seen in quite some time with mid-70's inland and lower 70's around the bay and 60 with sunshine at our coast of the tonight if you are headed to the game look for mild conditions and beautiful at at&t park and 60 degrees. 7:15 but the sun will set at 7:30. we will dry out for monday after a thunderstorm on easter sunday. >> the crash we told you about involving a motorcycle that is cleared at northbound 17 but as they say the damage is done. we will hook at our exclusive app and you can see 11 miles per hour and you can see it is solid with brake lights solid northbound direction. now the travel times, you can see a little bit of a problem. they are 23 minutes to get out of scotts valley and toward san jose. kristen and eric? >> thank you, le
. traffic is light coming into the city right now. san mateo bridge is looking good, a few brake lights and otherwise just some road work. in oakland, both directions of 880, between 23rd and 5th until 5:30 this morning with road work there and we do have road work, also, in marin, coming off the waldo toward the golden gate bridge on the sausalito side. >> 4:39. next, a neighborhood in danger from a broken water main. the sinkhole developing under homes and the residents who could be forced out. >> women, listen up: surprising new research on our life expectancy. >> first, the countdown is on for the next samsung home and apple watch. >> in today's tech bytes the white house scoring points with cell phone users. the obama administration wants you to choose the wireless carrier for your mobile device. another government agency ruled that unlocking phones so they will work on another network is illegal. a market analyst says personal computer sales fell almost 4 percent last year and will continue downward. consumers previous the mobility of tablets although desk tops can do more. it is
. the bay bridge is there, and sausalito, and the san mateo bridge off in the distance. we will keep an eye on it. we know from past experience there is ebb and flow to the fog and it will be thicker in the next couple of hours. temperatures are mild, upper 40's to low 50's by noon we will be in the 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's and our other neighborhoods and upper 60's to low 70's by 4:00 with thicker and high clouds than yesterday. temperatures will take slow steps down but they will be above average away from the coast through the holiday weekend. >> speaking of the san mateo bridge we will look right now as you make your way from hayward and the toll plaza and the westbound direction across the flat section a few brake lights but a nice looking drive and relatively clear. hazy but for now it is clear between hayward and east bay and the peninsula. with road work, we will head to the sunol grade, northbound 680 from south mission to north mission with road work until 6:00 this morning. the drive from the central valley is starting to slow a bit up the altamont pass but then it l
also require a 10- cent charge for paper bags. san mateo county adopted a plastic bag ban in november and the county says only a small percentage of those bags gets recycled. >>> for the first time in three months gas prices have dipped a little. six cents in the last couple of weeks. nationwide, the average for a gallon of unleaded is $3.74 according to san francisco average is $4.15. over in oakland it's $4.10. san jose at $4.11. the low he was average prices in california are in sacramento at $4.02 a gallon. >>> a new compliance director is set to begin work today at the oakland police department. a u.s. district court judge appointed thomas frazier to oversee the opd reform efforts. he is the former police commissioner of baltimore, maryland and former deputy chief in san jose. his job is to get oakland police to comply with the set of reform measures that were supposed to be completed five years ago. >>> a popular berkeley restaurant will resume taking reservations today just days after it was damage by fire. chez panisse has can
is 10 minutes at the foot of the maize towards a fremont street. >> the san mateo bridge is hazy as you make your way toward foster city. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge. dense fog again as you work your way out of the north bay. james. >> thank you very much erica. >> new this more net for corn 6 magnitude earthquake struck early this morning. we had a map showing where it was located. it was in the north bay center 3 mi. southwest of kabul and 13 mi. southwest of clear lake. according to the u s g s is struck just after 2:00 a.m. and was followed by a 2.9 aftershock. the worst in sonoma county safe they felt to but, as it stands, there are no reports of damage or injury. >> cardinal lorge bergoglio of argentina down as pope francis has been elected as the next leader of the catholic church. the announcement was made yesterday on the balcony of st. peter's basilica . >> as melissa of raney reports, people said the pontiff could bring change. >> as he began he said before i can feel my blessings on you i need your blessing on leave. that spoke volumes about the kind of poke you
en san josÉ. >>> autoridades de san mateo advierten a residentes de san carlos de un sujeto que va de puerta en puerta que va en nombre del sheriff, tome precauciones, eso un hispano de 30 aÑos. >>> se llevÓ a cabo el funeral de estado del presidente chÁvez con varios presidentes de la regiÓn y del mundo. >>> el director venezolano pelman y el arquero dudamel asistieron tambiÉn. >>> bueno, vengo en representaciÓn de mi paÍs para dar el pÉsame al pueblo de venezuela, por el fallecimiento del presidente chÁvez, y expresar nuestra solidaridad para todo el pueblo hermano de venezuela. >>> el presidente maduro juramentÓ como presidente de venezuela y dijo que seguirÍa con las polÍticas de chÁvez. >>> desde caracas tenemos detalles, raul adelante. >>> efectivamente, en este dÍa con los funerales del presidente chÁvez, la asunciÓn de maduro y declaraciones del opositor capriles marcan la jornada de hoy. >>> mas de 55 jefes de estado y gobierno llegaron a caracas para participar de los funerales, el principe de espaÑa, evo morales por ejemplo. todos los mandatarios fueron uni
. in the san mateo bridge we had an early stall on the high-rise and the tow truck completed their work and got it out of there so you will not find delays toward foster city area. the commute from the central valley, you can see the red line, the road sensors are slow from 205, up and over the altamont pass, and eastbound, greenville to north flynn, road work in three lanes until 11:00 this morning. >> thank you, sue, lawyers for oscar pistorius head back to court this morning. the change they want in his bail and why some say the blade runner could be close to suicide. >> one of the highest ranking women in silicon valley speaks out on the controversy created by her new book what facebook. >> tore wants >> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new developments this morning in the murder case against oscar pistorius, accused ofcying his super model girlfriend on valentine's day. lawyers for oscar pistorius are now appealing bail restrictions and saying he is not a flight risk and should have the opposite of traveling outside south africa. a friend close to
morning. san mateo bridge beyond the toll plaza, the flat section, toward the high-rise, a good-looking ride, just a few brake lights at the high-rise but no significant delays between hayward and the peninsula. we still have road work making your way to highway four and down to the mission street off-ramp in the fremont area. we still have road work, three lanes there northbound 680 at mission. that is until 6:00 this morning and taking a look at the drive times here is the san mateo bridge at under 20 minutes and highway 680 southbound toward the walnut creek area and southbound over the grade, it that is not a bad drive, at all. >> picking a new pope. the gathering is happening at the vatican right now to decide when the voting will take place. >> good morning, topping america's money, getting close to the record, the dow jones industrial average this morning opens just below 14,090 and only 75 points set from the record set right before the recession. president obama will nominate walmart foundation head to be the next budget director. she has significant business experience
. temperature is 41 in novato and richmond is friend and san mateo and san ramon and 48 in newark and lafayette and 46 in cupertino and redwood city and brentwood at 50 degrees. we are in the mid-40's to low 50's through 7:00 with sunshine faster today, mid-to-upper 50's by noon, and in the low-to-mid 70's for the 4:00 hour and toward 7:00 we will be in the 60's and near 70 inland. the steady temperatures all the way through the beginning of the weekend, well above average, away from the coast. sue? >> we go now back to the marin and sonoma border with a fatal accident that is under investigation. it is in northern novato. it is at san antonio road, the right lane is blocked with two lanes of traffic in the northbound direction and you may find it is slow past the scene. on the fremont area, north 680 between south mission and north mission, the lanes are blocked until 6:00 a.m. there is a look at drive out of the central valley, from the altamont pass to livermore it is looking pretty good from 205 with no slowing and as mike talked about, there is thick fog, with a couple of toll lanes blocke
afecto a una concurrida preparatoria de la ciudad de san mateo a la que asisten miles de estudiantes. ---pilar niÑo nos tiene la informacion... :01 0:22 0:31 - quick 0:44 0:49 1:18 1:59 2:04 phone # take pkg muy nerviosa por lo que nos avisaron por telefono no sabia si mandarlo o no nerviosismo entre padres de estudiantes de la escuela preparatoria aragon en san mateo, despues de que les notificaron sobre una amenaza puesta de forma anonima en facebook, en contra especificamente de ese plantel y este dia..... kirk black/superitendente asociado/preparatorias de san mateo :36 it was a vague fue una amenaza vaga, no especifica, pero la tomamos seriamente. muchos policias, donde quieran habian policias manuel huerta/estudia en grado 10. :46 policias caminaban con su armadura y chaleco antibalas desde anoche se aumento la vigilancia privada en la escuela, y hoy la policia era visible en cada entrada, lo que le facilito a algunos padres la decision de llevar a sus hijos. magdalena morales/tiene 2 hijos en la escuela :59 confiada porque hay mucha vigilancia entonces dije ay dios mio ojala
's slide in the coastal section of state highway 1 and san mateo county is getting set to reopen. to tunnel opened by tomorrow morning as part of a $439 million transportation project to provide a more reliable way to travel between pacifica and have monday. it is a section of a highway that is notorious for rocks lies in traffic accidents. a ribbon cutting will be held today at 11:00 this morning. new nehoney bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. herehe we go. honehoy corncoflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feelfe healthy. new how ney bunches of oats gre. said nido one ever.acon.on baconacolia is back! now nowith even more bacon. come cmeelebrate our bacon obsession with all a new menu items like the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. >> welcome back and watching wall street the dow was up 91 points on friday. cyprus secured a 13 billion bailout early this morning on the condition is scaled back its banking sector and forces have the losses on the number of big deposits to h
a little bit of rain an the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge and 237 from mountain view and sunnyvale toward milpitas and san jose reporting light rain and sunol grade through the tri-valley, light rain right now. east of those areas it is headed your way. we have periods of rain through the morning commute and it switches to showers at noon which become scattered in the afternoon and by the evening hours, a dry push air will move in and it will be breezy and windy and brighter, thursday, friday, and saturday with temperatures near normal if not above away from the coast. >> we have a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see drops of water on the camera so there is light rain and wet roads so a great idea and you need to give your extra extra move to move. light conditions on the bay bridge with no delays here. the green on the map shows wet roads not where it is raining but wet roads with an accident in santa rosa, nobody 101 the ramp to eastbound 12, it remains closed because of emergency vehicles and an accident is there for at least the next few minutes
at the time, or did that happen later? >> san mateo county did not exist when they originally chartered it. i think there were 16 counties, and a few years later, they said they were too large, so they doubled back and created san mateo county. >> this is an early map of an area that might have been known as san francisco, but it did not have a defined southern boundary yet. >> the city i believe was up larkin street, and everything west was counties. i think larkin was here. that is the original charter. then in 1850, van ness, who was the supervisor, did the addition. it was called the western addition, even though it was in the middle of the city, because it was west of larkin. >> i did not understand that when i was a child. it always seemed that it was east of where everything i knew was. >> all this down here was county of san francisco, so there was a point in time where you could be in the county of san francisco, but not in the city you live in these outside lands. >> lead problem is if you look at the orientation, no. is up. we are going to turn it the way we are normally accustomed
. minutes later, there have been several incidents in reason months across san mateo county. >> we are told a lot of them are being seen, images are seen coming straight up to the doors of homes as possibly being lost trying to sell something... >> police have released a picture of the suspect in the home alone case. he is christopher norman of san bruins mean norman was carrying a gold high school ring belonging to that young boy's mother. we have an update on the story we told you about, we have a picture of the arrow that hit an 8-year-old girl in the leg and it happened during a class trip to the haul of science. these are pictures they posted and it shows the little girl, her arrow and the x-ray. police are still searching for the person who shot that arrow. >>> time now 4:34 a compromise, upset about the noise and traffic a concert would bring during the summer's america's cup. they planned alive concert -- a live concert series on the pier after getting pushed from the people in the area, live nation announced some changes. the original 40 c
-hour police standoff in a quiet neighborhood in san mateo. we will tell you what happened inside the hospital, what workers there are telling us this morning. >>> also -- stormy weather both here at home and back east. how this is affecting this morning's flights at sfo. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, march 6th. >>> we begin with developing news from san francisco. a standoff involving s.w.a.t. teams, one robbery suspect and medical marijuana. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live from the city's bayview district where there's been a flurry of activity in the last few minutes. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen quite a bit of activity here at this s.w.a.t. standoff unfolding at a pot club here in the bayview district. i'm gonna take you right to video. we're being asked not to show this scene live for security reasons. here's video of a couple of bream people brought out by police. they had -- couple people brought out by police. they had their hands off. they believe an
. >> do you have locations where you are in san francisco, i know in san mateo also. but it's a prayerful and peaceful event. it's not antagonistic. tell us, kathleen. >> correct. >> let's start here, a place to begin. >> it's sacrificing your time. i think the hardest part about the sacrifice is with waking up and saying i'm going to go somewhere i'm completely uncomfortable and i'm going to try to make myself uncomfortable. it's really walking by faith. a good place to begin was the first time i went, there was another gentleman named han hanover. ron said there would always be two people upon the site from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. when i came upon the site, there was ron and hans, smiling, going, hey, we made it! we made the hardest part and that was getting together to pray. and then what we saw, what we experienced is i want my first half an hour that i was going to just go for a half an hour turned into probably two or three hours. then the friends we've made out of this, my husband and i hope to go to a wedding in bali this octobe
80 and 50. if you are headed to the sierra you need four-wheel drive or chains. on the san mateo bridge we have high win wanting for the major bridges with the exception of the carquinez bridge and the flat section is looking good. slick roads could be a disaster with high speeds. the east shore freeway shows the camera moving around with the high wind near university avenue and the drive out of antioch is looking good this morning, right now you are looking at speeds at the limit moving toward pittsburg where the green is right now. >> cardinals are at the vatican to elect a new pope and how they will first honor retired pope benedict. >> breathtaking new spectacle is officially on display. we will tell you how much it will cost to keep the bay lights project shining bright but first, the technical bits -- tech bytes. >> a better bulb. the l.e.d. light looks like a traditional light bulb it is half the cost of other lead bulbs, with cost a problem in getting the public to use the lead bulb -- l.e.d. bulbs. >> google shopping express is the latest sign that the search giant is ex
esta noche. take vo ---el fiscal de distrito de san mateo creyo la historia de los sospechosos de que el tercer sujeto, "leslie gardner", les invito al bote asegurando que recientemente lo habia heredado. ---gardner... se encuentra en la carcel con una fianza de un millon de dolares. ---el yate encall en la playa "linda mar" de pacifica en la maÑana del lunes luego de haber sido robado. cesar ---el centro medico ce san mateo tuvo que ser evacuado ayer por la noche, take vo ---luego de que un paciente fuera de si, comenzara un pequeno incendio y se parapetara en su habitacion por unas dos horas ... ---el equipo especial de la policia tuvo que ser llamado para que negociara con el paciente quien finalmente se rindio y se sometio a una evaluacion psicologica... blanca ---se busca a un grupo de ladrones que la semana pasada invadio el hogar de un policia de richmond... take vo ...enveneno a los perros del agente, y despues se dio a la fuga con 5 armas de fuego y otros articulos de valor, esto segun informo el departamento de policia de la ciudad. ---uno de los perros murio en la veterina
straddles san francisco and san mateo county line requiring supervisors from both counties to approve any gun show permit. that is almost impossible requirement for show organizers to meet. the last show in january had a record town out coming days after the sandy hook elementary school shootings. >> in san francisco police are searching if a person who fired into a car. the pat jury was -- the passenger was shot in the chest. the driver sped off looking for help and stopped where a parking control agent called 9-1-1. the victim is in his 30's. his wounds are not life threatening. >> in 18 days the toll lanes of the golden gate bridge will be drive through only with though -- no more human toll takers going march 27. the workers have been receiving lay off noticed. drivers can pay through fast track or set up a license plate account or zip law and be billed player. you can pre-pay at kiosks around area. we have more on the golden gate bridge tolls on our website. >> the rain may have come and gone where you live but it has left a lasting mark at san jose state university. leaking rain wat
lanes closed until 6:00 this morning. >> thank you, it is 4:40. the new bay meadows in san mateo, the big boost developers promise will give help to the local economy. >> the life of pie, a never-ending >> novato, oakland, and sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. albany police concluded the investigation of a former middle schoolteacher accused of having sexual relationships with underage students. the 28-year-old committed suicide in october days after a parent went to police with concerns. our media partner, the "contra costa times", reports the popular teacher and coach engaged in sexual activity with two students. the six month investigation involved nine search warrants and 30 interviews. investigators found videos shot by the defendant that involved children. an attorney says the families plan to file claims against the school district. >> dedication ceremony will be held in san mateo to mark the opening of the new bay meadows urban village, the site of the old racetrack that closed 4 1/2 years ago is turned into 1,000 homes and 750,000 square
, and it is not bad on 680 as you drive towards walnut creek. and on the san mateo bridge looks good going out to the high-rise. >>> happening right now, pope frances has been officially nominated to serve the poor evident and the week -- poorest and the weakest. six hours ago he was given a key symbol, before being installed he circled st. peters square in an open vehicle which was not surrounded by broke glass and he bent down to kiss the disabled man in the crowd. they watched the installation and vice-president joseph biden watched the mass. >>> a woman is in the hospital after being hit by a car in concord. police tell us the woman is 20 years old and is expected to survive her injuries. the man who hit her is cooperating with police and did not appear to be intoxicated. >>> it happened in an unincorporated part of woodhaven vend drive. san jose police said they were forced to open fire when a suspect driving a stolen car backed into an unparked police cruiser and parked car accelerated towards an officer. he died of his injuries and a passenger was taken in for questioning. >> he tried t
it is possible there are more victims. >>> police officers in san mateo are on the campus of the high school today and will be there all day after a message threatening the school and its students was discovered on facebook. >>> paul chambers explains how they responded in this report. >> reporter: as classes started at the high school there students and staff were greeted by police officers and school security after a threatening message was found on wednesday. >> it was reported by a student that there was going to be an incident potentially today on campus. >> school officials immediately contacted police. who say the threat was a rambling message on an anonymous facebook page. they met with school officials about a security plan which would have uniformed officers and plain clothed detectives patrolling in and around the campus. >> providing increased security and safety out here to make sure everyone here feels safe. >> because this is an active investigation they would not say what is contained in the post but did say it was made to those on the campus, police and school officials say
on lynburg street in san mateo. kpix 5's kiet doe tells us the city is now taking sgraks ken, when we were here earlier this year you would not have been able to see me from where the camera is now, but take a look at it as it is now. the homeowner has made a lot of progress but for the city of san mateo, it is not enough. >> this is what it looked like january 2nd. junk was piled chest deep in the front yard. the homeowner was sleeping in a tent. but here's what it looks like today. what a difference you can make with three months and a court order. >> i just want it over. i'm tired of fighting. i mean, tell me what i'm fighting against. tell me what it is you really want, and i'll be happy to comply with whatever it is. >> homeowner mark got this court order on valentine's day telling him to clean up junk visible from the street. with just a few items left he's almost there but thin yesterday he got yet another letter from the city say ago crew will come by monday morning, clean up whatever is left and send the unemployed contractor the bill. >> they said if they have to come in and do t
conditions looking to the tolls and as we head further out to san mateo, the drive along 101, southbound side, we do have two cars that got in an accident out there, and two lanes are blocked and we are not seeing any delays northbound side, and no problems out there, either. we have some construction at brokaw boulevard and slowing in the southbound direction approaching 101. kristen and eric? >> leyla, thank you. in a few hours san jose students will march to honor caesar chavez. the students from the elementary union school district will begin the march at 8:30. they will walk to the mexican heritage plaza and hold an assembly to celebrate his live. his birthday would have been on sunday, the 20th year the district has held the march in his honor. in the 1960's and 1970's co-foundered the labor group that became the united farm workers of america. >> san francisco attracts millions of tourists and this morning we will find out the economic impact of their visit to the city. today, the travel association will release their 2012 economic impact figures for the city's tourism industry. expert
. the project opened monday on the san mateo county coast after years of delays. >> all you have to do now is find your way to the tunnels through the fog. >> what do we have out there? by the way, it is foggy friday. >> foggy friday. >> lisa has more. lisa? >> good morning, everyone. we are starting out with visibility reduced to near nothing at our coast. half moon bay, you have very dense fog and novato three quarter visibility with 1.25 in santa rosa. it will be with us through the morning. the sun comes up just at 7:00. then it will erode the low cloud deck. this morning, upper 40's from low-to-mid 50's. by noon we have sun and numbers are climbing through the 60's. mid-60's around the bay. by 4:00, we have more sunshine. we have mid-to-upper 50's along the shore. we have upper 60's to mid-70's around the bay so a beautiful day. the evening hours are looking comfort in the 60's but the fog will come back. look what happens on the week, we have talked about the showers holding tomorrow and sunday with the possibility on easter of a thunderstorm. it is over by monday. partly cloudy and
80s. brentwood 80 degrees. downtown san francisco 67. forecast highs 76 in san jose. and san mateo 72. look ahead with your fife-day forecast. no major changes. we will shave off a few degrees for thursday and friday. fog still a factor for the morning hours. >>> coming up next in our 5:00 hour the black smoke tells the story. >>> also a horrific crash on a bay area freeway just hours to go. what's happening now at that accident scene. >>> we are take you to the accident scene for an update on the traffic. >>> black smoke. cardinals electing a new pope just sent a message to the world. >>> a disturbing threat at a bay area high school. how police are responding. >>> we're tracking dense fog this morning coming up where the fog is right few and the neighborhoods that will hit the 80s this afternoon. >>> good morning, to you welcome to a brand new day, wednesday, middle of the week march 13th pam cook is back. good morning, i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. mark tamayo is in for steve. i hear it's going to be warm. >> yeah a few neighborhoods ap
here. we do have high wins on the san mateo and you can see the sign to the right on the san mateo bridge, it is warning you of high winds this morning and traffic is slowing nicely over toward the peninsula. we have an update on the commute from the central valley, and it is very slow, just crawling along into the livermore area and it picks up a bit as you make your way into the dublin/pleasanton area and early start in antioch has been cleared cleared and bumper to bumper to pittsburg, otherwise, we have mass transit and a great way to go and running on time. >> coming up, catholics reveal the direction they want their clutch to go under the next pope. >> hand bags can sell for up to $10,000 but they are not the real thing. real thing. the knock off purses tha [ vir] i do have a healthy diet, but there are foods that i had no idea had so much acid in them. my dentist said that the acid in fruit, or fruit juice or fruit teas softens the enamel so that then it can potentially erode. once that enamel is gone, it's gone. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel to help harden tha
's slide. the coastal section of state highway one in san mateo county is getting set to reopen. two tunnels will open by tomorrow morning as part of ifs transportation project tomorrow morning as part of ifs transportation project thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> this wednesday toll takers will be gone from the golden gate bridge. kron4's charles clifford has everything you need to know for the change over. only cars sold bound have to pay tolls the northbound travel is free. the rest we can see will vary depending on the type of bridge after this conversion to all electronic there will no longer be toll takers taking cash. for drivers that do not have a fast track account there will be cameras set in place there are also more t
, the s.w.a.t. team was called to san mateo general hospital overnight when a patient set a small fire. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is outside the hospital this morning with what's happening with that patient now. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. that patient is currently under evaluation by mental health professionals. he could soon be under arrest. as for the scene here, you can see a little piece of crime tape still up at san mateo medical center but otherwise the "all clear" has been begin as of 12:45. things are now back to normal at this facility after about 10:30 last night. that is when a patient on the first floor sit a small fire in his room. security staff started evacuations in nearby rooms and sit up a perimeter around that specific room. police called in a s.w.a.t. team negotiator and about two hours later, they were able to make entry into the room and take the disturbed patient into custody. >> from this point forward the person has been detained. medical staff will evaluate him and figure out what his situation is and
swelling and cuts. but was treated at the scene. a disturbing story out of san mateo-- police have arrested a man for spying on young children while taking pictures of them. it all took place at the pennisula gymnastic facilty in san mateo. authorities have identified the man as 19 -year old edward george mielke of los altos. police zeroed in on him. after receiving a call from a concerned parent. now police are looking into other possible crimes involving mielke. now an update on a head- on crash that hospitalized 7- people in richmond. investigators now believe alcohol did play a role in the crash last night. between drivers of a camaro and a pick- up truck. authorities say, of the seven people injured, two are still clinging to life tonight. the truck flipped over -- injuring two passengers and critically injuring the driver. a woman was ejected from the camaro and is in critical condition, along with the driver of the car. the other two passengers in the camaro suffered injuries. which are not believed to be life threatening. coming up on kron 4 news at 11. a big pay day for giants catc
roosevelt. >> las autoridades de san mateo advierten a la comunidad por una ola de robos en san carlos. >> primero ven si estaha alguien en casa, si nadie responde entran con autoridad a la casa. >> esta tarde decenas de personas salieron de sus casas por una fuga de gas. >> un trabajador de pg&i rompio una tuberia. >> una mujer orquesto un robo a mano arsmada para tener una visa. >> dicen que planeo el asalto en el supermercado para poder tenere una visa u para las personas víctimas de un crimen. >> respondera los cargos de pruebas falsas para las autoridades. >> buenas noticias, según una encuesta de la universidad del sur de california y los Ángeles times, un 83 por cientro de los votantes ven a los inmigrantes ilegales como fuerza laboral en el estado y están de acuerdo que estén ene l país . >> el presidente barack obama y ciertos congresistas tomaron nuevamente el tema migratorio dicen que podrían tener una solución . >> tenemos la historia de una familia que vive esperando que se de una reforma migratoria . >> pasan el tiempo jugando baloncesto. >> hace hasta poco una en
the incident for you. onto the bridge check spirit to a gala the bay bridge. light traffic. >> the san mateo light traffic 11 minutes drive time on to the golden gate bridge. drive time of 23 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. no incidents to report. -- novato. the east bay ride looking like from hercules to berkeley is 11 minutes. >> the peninsula has a smooth ride no incidents to report. we will finish in the north bay. south bound want to go on right looking clear. we will monitor the sig alert. now we're having to james. >> thousands of government workers can expect temporary furloughs of the the next six months. the house voted yesterday to keep the government running for the next six months, but left in place $85 billion in spending cuts to the pentagon and domestic programs. the spending authorization is on its way to the white house the president obamas signature. >> today, the sandy hook elementary advisory committee meets to discuss violence prevention measures. it is nearly one under days after the school massacre that with gun control back in the spotlight. ed pay
to watch out for burglars. sheriff official say they happened in the san mateo neighborhood. >>> happening now a virtual look as life as a deputy with the san mateo's police department. live in san carlos with the first-ever social media ride along. >> reporter: hammer, i wonder what it would be like to walk or ride along with your neighborhood sheriff's deputys? you could do just that in san carlos and some people did. walking the downtown beat on saturday night is not unusual. >> starting our first-ever ride along. >> reporter: while facebooking and tweeting is. san mateo county sheriff deputy rosenblatt and smith met with owners and customers face- to-face of the but for the first time, they are can join in via twitter. >> it's pretty neat. everybody has some on-line presence. >> we want you to be put a face on the sheriff's office. >> it's all about a push to really interact with the community. >> reporter: it allow the sheriff's offices to know exactly where on the street they need to be. during our interview, this resident gave deputy smith his ticket for a broken taillight. >>
. the volume is starting to fill do to me realize been activated. your san mateo bridge commute is still good at 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride is still foggy but no problems. off the east bay ride is not much slower is about 16 to 18 minutes from hercules at to berkeley. to the south bay freeway it is a little slowing 41 01 and 87. the golden gate bridge ride is a good one and so is the commute through marin county. we did pick up some delays for public transit. this is not unusual because they have to share with freight traffic. sometime they run between seven to 15 minutes behind schedule. this is for ace train no. 1. >> novato police have arrested a man in connection with a firearm and honda turned out to be a marijuana grow house. the fire happened on tuesday. police say rory mark ward was the owner of a home. ward was arrested during a traffic stop. fire officials say that the fire started in the basement. the home electrical system bypass the the pg&e meter and the fire appeared to be electrical in nature. no one was living in the home at the time of the fire. >> a newly unse
and westbound on a the san mateo bridge. not a lot of activity according to the road sensor and interstate 880 north under a southbound passing the coliseum and at the toll plaza being they have not turned on those metering lights. >> cloudy with rain and it is ridiculously dry. third dryest ever. san francisco is not much better. we will get some rain tomorrow. will there be more rain tomorrow? no we are one and done. i have been looking out and there is not a lot. we do have baseball tonight. don't night could be iffy and internet lands are -- netherlands are mostly cloudy and unfortunately it does have something going for it. rain is coming in on tuesday and we'll see increasing high clouds and cooler inland some 60s and that system approach is tomorrow cloudy with rain in the afternoon and there is no doubt about it and tomorrow evening we will take us to wednesday, 40s on the lows, santa rosa, napa, redwood city everybody is close and it looks like by the time it arrives it will be weak. sunny and clouds, a cool morning, a mild afternoon, 60s and 70s, napa is down 4 from yesterday, santa
. >> there is still a quiet ride and here is a quick commute check from the san mateo bridge. we are seen some slowing on 580 and highway for westbound. on 580 there is a stalled car and this is backing up traffic on two 05. the south bay peninsula is still looking good. >> the search continues for a bay area high school baseball coach who is accused of molesting one boy and secretly famine another. along with coaching, he is also the owner of the sports business in san leandro. kron4 will tran is live and fun of that business. >> as you can see this business is closed. it will be closed indefinitely. this is a triple play batting cage. it is owned by this man on your screen. he is 52 years old. this is a mug shot that was taking back in october when he was accused of molesting a child. the latest accusations are stating that he has done this again. also, this other boy who we talked about that was filmed while he was getting undressed. they noticed this when that went to the man's house and went through his computer and this all the footage. there's no word on where he is at but he is the coach of th
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